ASEC 2016 – Australasian Structural Engineering Conference – The Roles of Structural Engineers



The Australasian Structural Engineers Conference (ASEC) is an initiative of Engineers Australia Structural College.  It aims to promote Structural Engineering and exchange ideas for advancing the profession among practising structural engineers, students, academia and industry.  ASEC’s heritage dates back to 1983, growing a reputation for its practical and research coverage of all things in structural engineering.  The conference has been held in various cities in Australia and New Zealand with different themes, attracting up to 500 participants to each conference.  Conferences held since 2000 are:

Year Theme City
2001 Bridges to the Future Gold Coast
2005 Preserving and Building into the future Newcastle
2008 Engaging with Structural Engineering Melbourne
2010 Innovative Community Building Sydney
2012 The Past, Present and Future of Structural Engineering Perth
2014 Structural Engineering in Australasia – World Standard Auckland, NZ
2016 The Roles of Structural Engineers Brisbane


ASEC2016 will be held in Brisbane, at the world-class Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (venue for the 2014 G20 World Leaders Summit) from 23 to 25 November 2016;  The theme is:


The topics that the committee wish to explore in this conference within the context of the theme are:

  1. History & Forensic Engineering • Historical background of structural engineering • Lessons learnt from failure
  2. Realising Dreams • Building high or deep or long • Enclosing and creating space • Spanning voids • Innovation and creativity, finding solutions to shape the environment
  3. Sustainability • Responsible environmental development • Climate change adaptation • Providing fit for purpose technical solutions in developing countries
  4. Safety • Redundancy in structures • Assessment, risk management and disaster mitigation • Review of codes and standards, concept of disaster limit state • Safety in construction • Structural monitoring
  5. Change management & communication • Communication • Stakeholder management • Public relations
  6. Future of Structural Engineering • Preparing young engineers to lead the future • Leadership • Professional development

The call for abstracts will open in July inviting practising engineers, students, academics and managers to participate in line with the above topics. All practising Structural Engineers and academics and like-minded people from industry are invited to attend.  A number of high profile engineers are being invited to provide keynote presentations.  More detail will be released in the coming months. Companies that work with and around structural engineering are invited to support the conference through sponsorship of elements of the program to gain mutual benefit.  Please refer to the prospectus for more details. Vibrant, young and entrepreneurial, Brisbane balances its natural beauty, enviable climate and relaxed lifestyle with a thriving $135 billion economy.  All participants are encouraged to take the opportunity to spend some time in our beautiful city and to explore nearby locations such as Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We look forward to meeting you in Brisbane, 23-25 November 2016.

Dr Peter Ho, AM
ASEC2016 Chair